Maine Food Pantry Plates: Ending Hunger One Plate at a Time

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  Maine drivers can now pre-order a new “Maine Food Pantry” License Plate that will provide 40 meals to those in need for each license plate sold.  The plates are just $25 and our Secretary of State’s office is asking Mainers to help them reach their pre-order goal of 2000 so that they can print and release this new specialty license plate raising money for hunger relief efforts.   Here’s how it works Money generated from Pantry Plate sales will go into the Pantry Plate Fund, which be used for the purchase of fruits and vegetables from Maine farmers for distribution to food pantries and other ending hunger organizations in Maine. So your contribution will not only put 40 meals on the table for food insecure families and children, but will also support Maine farmers by supporting their businesses.  This will help grow the economy, create jobs, and support local agriculture.  By putting local produce in the hands of those in need – Maine children in particular – you are providing a lifeline for your hungry neighbors.   The Facts 208,000 Mainers live with food insecurity, which includes an astonishing 1 in 4 children — 25% of Maine children don’t have reliable access to food to lead an active and healthy life. There are hundreds of organizations and agencies fighting to end hunger around the state.  This vast food network includes our credit unions, retail grocery stores, along with our statewide hunger relief agency Good Shepherd Food Bank, farmers, churches, volunteers, and food pantries in communities throughout the state.   Help provide 40 meals to Maine families and children struggling to put food on the table.   Pre-order Your Specialty Pantry Plate   Information Courtesy of:...

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Turn Signals are a Virtue

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Article by: Seth McClellan   In the past few years, it seems there has been a steady decline in the number of drivers who are using their turn signals.  In my 15 years’ experience as a Maine driver, I have come to think of turn signals as a virtue or a forgotten pleasantry of a time when people were less distracted and had a greater respect for doing what is right, even though it isn’t always convenient.  While it may not seem like a big deal to some, this is actually a huge problem. According to a study by The Society of Automotive Engineers, turn signal neglect in the United States causes about two million crashes per year.   The same study shows that  drivers don’t use their turn signals nearly half of the time when changing lanes, and people fail to signal a quarter of the time when making a turn. One possible solution for the future is including a “smart turn signal system” in new vehicles that would automatically shut off a turn signal after a set delay time or after it senses that the lane change is complete. This system could also act as reminder for people to use their turn signals more often.  Although, a solution like this would take many years to take full effect especially in Maine where the average age of a vehicle on the road is 11 years old.  The more immediate solution lies within all of us to continue and recommit to using our turn signals as a way of making sure that the other drivers on the road know our intentions, and can react accordingly to allow the best possible chance at safety.  It’s not only one of the most important things we can all do to help to make the road a safer place everyone, it’s the law. Subscribe to our blog If you would like to receive informative articles about saving money, staying safe and protecting your life & loved ones...subscribe to our blog today! Name* First Last...

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